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remade the mobile layout, and added my anime list


remade the whole website's css -x-


Added a GNUpg guide that i did for school in the website.


New Mobile layout thanks to Kirby's help :D


I remade the whole website...again


New info page!


Updated website css stuff!


The website is created today!


Hii visitors! I'm Ale im 18, and uuh, I'm not really that good with introductions, so I will make it quick!
Im italian, Im an high school student, and my preferite subject is informatics, I'm not really good at it, but i do enjoy it.
I also watch anime and enjoy playing videogames, but Im pretty bad at them!
My favourite game is probably Tetris, but i like Animal crossing new horizons too! though, i love old games too! especially the old super mario games from the NES and SNES.
I dont know what else to say...uhm...lets see...Im a linux user, currently using Fedora Silverblue on my desktop and Elementary OS on my laptop, which is quite the cheap one...and, Oh! i really love getting headpats, Oh! I also have an email so i can chat with people on here, its in the info page.
aaaaand thats all i guess.